«Industrial design is not an art, and not an instrument for self-expression. It is a laborious and responsible work for the good of society». This thesis is our philosophy.

Team that created accelerator Carrot has a great experience in development and start of production of new products. In 2009 we established a new product development Bureau ARTKB that successfully works today. Our bureau worships a design for people.
Our life is formed and made comfortable by such everyday things, like the tableware with the help of which we eat; the doors and windows handles, which we touch; the hangers, on which we hang our clothes; the boxes and containers, in which we keep our favorite things and delicious food; the machines, which cook, wash, show and tell for us; the toys, which present joy to our children; the tools, which build, repair, and simply calm the nerves; the equipment, which saves our money, purifies our water, gives us light, heat and security; and many others, not always noticeable, but such irreplaceable things.

Within the framework of ARTKB Bureau our team fulfilled many tasks connected with development of design of high quality with participation of our designers as well as invited stars.

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