About Carrot

Accelerator Carrot – first Ukrainian startup accelerator focused on work with hardware startups or startups linked with creation and launch to production of any physical objects. The main focus of acceleration program is to help startups in creation of design documentation which is needed for production, to help with production of working prototype, preparation of the way out on crowdfunding platforms, mass production preparation.
Carrot – accelerator that provides new product development service for startup teams or companies as well as proposes further engineering, technical and industrial accompanying, help in organization of investment attraction campaign. Accelerator’s objective – commercialization of participation in creation and development of product companies based on physical production and engineering.

About Team

Team that created accelerator Carrot has a great experience in development and start of production of new products.  In 2009 , we created the Bureau of development of new products ARTKB,  which is nowadays a leader of this branch in Ukraine. It has become a good tradition, when our customers , with support of ARTKB in the development, successfully carry out their campaigns on Kickstarter: iblazr, Petcube, Lunecase, etc. We have repeatedly passed the procedure of preparation of projects to Kickstarter, we know how to design , how to create a working prototype, how to calculate the economics of production , how to place an order at the producing factory, how to control the quality of the products and how to ship our product to the customer anywhere in the world . These skills , together with the knowledge of our mentors , experts in different fields, we pass on to our residents..

Selection procedure

To become a participant of a program one should:
- Fill in the form
- Pass an interview

Our criteria in decision making process:
- Product actuality on the world markets
- Technological complexity of the product and cost of production preparation
- Team capability to create a company and successfully realize chosen strategy


Acceleration program realizes via accompanying in absentia with regular sessions for expertise and coaching.  Duration of program – from 3 to 7 months, depending on project’s complicity.
Acceleration program consists of 3 main stages: elaboration, investment attraction campaign, production.
- Elaboration includes industrial design, electrotechnical design, mechanical design, and production of working prototype.
- Investment attraction campaign: the major accent is focused on preparation of project way out on crowdfinding platforms, such as kickstarter or indiegogo.
- Production takes place on industrial base optimal for given project – in China or in Ukraine. This stage ends with production and shipment to the clients of the first parcel.

The acceleration program is considered to be successful if, after its fulfillment, the team is capable to develop it’s business on its own.